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Where have I been...

Wow, I set this blog up over a year ago. Back then I didn't know how to drive, I'd not started my Gym Instructor training nor did I think I'd be here with my beautiful girlfriend. It's great how times change.

I kept meaning to write something on here, but never found the time to. Either I was too tired, or too distracted by something else. Well, that's changing now. I've quite a few things I'd like to write about, so I'm going to start working on them now.

A few things I'd like to write something about:

  • Caching

    Something else I'd like to do is write my own Cache library in both C# and Java. I'd like to get back in to C# and it'll be an interesting challenge.

  • Angular 2

    Angular looks to be heading in an interesting direction. I haven't done much Angular before now, so this would be a good learning experience

  • WinJS

    I like the look of this library a lot. I've always taken a fancy to the Microsoft Modern Design principles... [I always get Markdown links wrong :disappointed:]

I'd also like to start hacking on Chromium, but I'll have to get my C++ skills up to scratch first. I just need to decide a good topic for a side project!

Finally Here

We are here people!

After a month I've finally got my blog public. After some DNS woes — no I totally did not knock out my emails for 3 days before realising — and sadly having to move some content away from MediaTemple, plus some Google Webmaster Tool work, it's live. I should start appearing towards the top of search results now too, as my site is accessible at jakehendy.com and www.jakehendy.com. That'll be nice.

I have to say though, actually creating the blog was the easiest part of all of this. I still love the Lanyard theme and the ability to add posts from anywhere I have a (decent!) internet connection will hopefully mean I blog more. Who knows. Maybe. I like being able to just pop open my laptop or my phone on my lunch break and just work on it. It's somewhat relaxing!

Now I just have to remember syntax for Jekyll...

Hello World


This is my first ever blog post woohoo. I got my blog up and running in half an hour too. Perfect to do over a lunch break. Yum, Smoked Salmon and Boursin bagels...

This is a Jekyll site that's hosted with GitHub (pages).

Anyway, back to work! :D