Hello! 👋🏼

Surprise, it’s me, Jake Hendy. I’m a Cloud Engineering Lead working for IAG, specifically in IAG Global Business Services.

I’m an experienced AWS engineer, covering everything from EC2 infrastructure to Containers to Serverless, as well as configuration and operations of a cloud platform or service. In other words, everything but Machine Learning 🙂

Working in the Cloud Centre of Excellence at IAG I lead the team implementing and developing our AWS Cloud Platform, enabling our internal customers to build on an effective and secure platform.

Previous to joining IAG, I worked for the Met Office as a Technical Lead, most recently in the Surface Observations group providing near-real-time processing of land- and sea-surface observations. Prior to Surface Observations I worked in the Digital Delivery group providing data and services to our digital channels such as the website, mobile app, and our public API offering. Of note, I led the work to migrate our Push Notifications System from one-provider-and-EC2 to a serverless platform using AWS PinPoint without incident, and moving Surface Observations to running on ARM instead of x86, the former giving me a service page testimonial and the latter a blog post on AWS: How to Arm a world-leading forecast model with AWS Graviton and Lambda.

Outside of work I teach BodyCOMBAT group fitness classes and enjoy cooking, gaming, Formula 1, being outdoors, being indoors, DIY, etc.

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