04/10’s AWS Updates ☁

A lookback of the past 24 hours of updates from AWS, applicable to my x-gov colleagues and I with the occasional interesting piece thrown in.

Not only are there updates, but it’s Fri-YAY! 🎉

Amazon Lex announces support for Fallback intent

When your users inevitably give you unexpected input, Lex now supports a “fallback intent”. This intent allows you to better manage the conversation flow (avoiding error handling responses), in addition to allowing you to execute business logic or even handover the conversation to a human agent. Integrate with AWS Lambda today and start creating better conversation flows. Available in Ireland today!

Quick Start for Solodev DCX Enterprise Edition for Docker

What a product name. “A cloud first enterprise content management system and customer experience platform”. Fully containerized, using EFS, takes 25 minutes, job done!

AWS Datasync is now available in London

It’s also available in Paris and Canada Central too, but… As a reminder, DataSync is an online data transfer service to help you accelerate copying data over the internet or via DirectConnect between NFS servers, SMB servers, S3 (all 6 storage classes), or EFS.

Translate adds support for seven new languages

Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Urdu! Available everywhere Amazon Translate is

Step Functions expands SageMaker service integration

Perform SageMaker actions like hyperparameter tuning, custom labeling jobs, and deploy ML models to the cloud with enhanced integration in to Step Functions. Take advantage of serverless work flows, and more managed services, when embarking on your ML journey!

Elasticsearch Service provides options to mandate HTTPS

You can now require all traffic to Elasticsearch Service be sent over HTTPS, as well as configure the minimum TLS version supported by the cluster.

And that’s it, nice and short for each of them :)

Have a good weekend 👋🏻